Shiseido Future Solution LX & Yukata Treatment



I’m sure any bride-to-be will agree, that one of the most important elements to prep for months ahead of the wedding, is the condition of her skin. Your skin is the last thing you’d want to worry about on the big day amongst so many other little details. Having luminous clear skin definitely helps keep unnecessary stress at bay and showcase the best side of the bride. The Shiseido Future Solution LX range, along with their signature Yukata Treatment, were instrumental in helping me look my best, and keep my skin bright and healthy despite the traveling and whirlwind from all the wedding activities.
The Future Solution LX line is Shiseido’s most premium line of skincare, combining the latest science with powerful Japanese skincare ingredients such as Premium Sansho, Uji Green Tea and Sakura extract that immediately help to refresh the skin to its most radiant condition.
During the Yutaka Treatment (which means “richness and abundance” in Japanese), the benefits of the Future Solution LX products are intensified by the therapist’s special facial massage technique. It’s the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation ritual for me.
My must have products from the line are the Concentrated Balancing Softener and the Total Regenerating Cream. I feel the products sinking into my skin immediately each time I use them and the results are remarkable. Give the line a try and be your most luminous self!.