Best of Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is top on the list of my favorite vacation destinations. Postcard perfect every direction you look, crystal clear aquamarine waters, beautiful crowds, chic boutiques, and good food oozing out of every corner – it just doesn’t get better than this.


The coast line comprises of numerous towns and there’s a variety of ways and routes to explore the Amalfi. For first time visitors, I would recommend starting your journey with a pitstop in Naples for a slice of the famous pizza at L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, before heading on your boat or the ferry to Capri. 

Mediterranean Sea

Staying on a boat means that you have the option to visit more places and access some of the little beach side restaurants more efficiently, but you do miss out on the splendid hotels the region has to offer, one of which is JK Place, which houses my most beloved interior design of all time. 





My first dinner every time I’m in Capri has to be the charming Da Paolino. My spirits lift as soon as I enter this cove nestled under groves of lemon trees each brimming with lush oversized fruits that perfume the air with their bright citrus scent. The magnificent spread of antipasti is a must have, and I have dreams about a type of homemade pasta they make here called scialatielli, a short, thick and chewy noodle that goes perfectly with mussels and squid. Divine.




Da Paolino

Another old favorite is Il Geranio. It’s a bit of trek up into the Gardens of Augustus in Capri, but it’s a beautiful walk and a great place to escape from the crowds. Not to mention it serves the best flambé steak I have ever had.




Il Geranio

A hop and a skip (by speedboat) away from Capri is Anacapri, near the Blue Grotto. A great day can be spent exploring the Blue Grotto in the morning, followed by a leisurely lunch at Il Riccio, an airy space with whimsical details, delectable raw gambero rosso, sea urchin pasta, and a famed dessert room filled with sweets and fresh fruits. Followed by an afternoon on their sun decks sipping aperol spritz and soaking in the Mediterranean sun.




Il Riccio

Besides Capri, Positano is probably the next most well-known town. Famed for it’s pastel-colored hill that makes for an incredible backdrop against the umbrella laiden seaside. 




The Villa Treville is a magical boutique hotel comprising of four villas, beautiful gardens and terraces with cascades of foliage and flowers. Being here transports you to a cinematic atmosphere of La Dolce Vita, at once luxurious, private and exquisite.




Villa Treville

Though Positano tends to host an older, more chichi crowd, my favorite dining spot there is actually a rustic, shabby little beachside joint called Da Adolfo. It’s situated on a tiny pebble beach that serves simple but incredible food from a minuscule kitchen. The tuna carpaccio is unlike any other, and make sure to get whatever the special pasta of the day is – you can’t go wrong with that, or really, with anything you choose at this little gem along the beautiful Amalfi Coast.




Da Adolfo

In between Capri and Positano is the picturesque Nerano. I would highly recommend stopping by here for an all day soiree starting at lunch at the beautiful Conca del Sogno. Undoubtedly one of the loveliest spots along the Amalfi, this beautiful restaurant and beach club overlooks crystal clear aquamarine waters and commands an equally beautiful looking crowd. Dine on platters of tartufi di mare, fresh ricotta, endless pastas (but of course), salt baked seabass, and top off the meal with lethal flutes of sgroppino (lemon sorbet topped with champagne). Before you know it, lunch will turn into a full blown afternoon party, as the best type of lunches should!




Conca del Sogno

Another dreamy destination near the town of Amalfi is Monastero Santa Rosa, a stunning 17th century monastery turned luxury boutique hotel perched on a steep cliff with a killer infinity pool and view.






If you have time to spare, do spend an afternoon amongst the ancient ruins of Pompeii, the site of countless Roman tales and legends. 





The Amalfi Coast is truly a special place, offering an abundance of visual and gastronomic delights. I hope you enjoyed this photo diary as much as I enjoyed sharing my favorite spots with you!

JK Place Room
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