Fashion Fantasies with Net-a-Porter

This holiday season, I had the pleasure of teaming up with Net-a-Porter and Who Are Invited for a shoot based on the theme “Fashion Fantasies”. Now that was a Christmas dream come true! The set was loaded with piles and piles of things that I’ve been coveting on NET-A-PORTER.COM, I felt like a wide-eyed kid in a candy store ¬†to say the least!!!

During the interview, we were asked what would be our fashion fantasy. The “Endless Shopping Bag” was a clear winner, but “Shoes every week of the year” came a close second since everyone that knows me knows that I’m a complete hoarder when it comes to shoes! Now tell me, what would be your fashion fantasy?

xoxofei x netaporter x whoareinvited xoxofei x netaporter fashion fantasies

And some behind the scenes photos!

xoxofei netaporter bts

To see the full spread, check out!




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