Zhor & Nema

You can’t miss Zhor in a crowd – from her signature graphic black eye makeup and bright lips, to her petite cashmere and fur clad frame with stacked ostrich bangles and an emerald green crocodile Hermes Kelly to top it all of. This was precisely how we were first introduced by the lovely Helen Ma, and I was of course instantly won over by Zhor’s unique style, humor and fascinating life story. We decided then and there to do a spontaneous photoshoot for her eponymous brand
Zhor & Nema where we’d all be transformed into “Zhor” girls.


I love her signature combination of lace with cashmere and fur. The clothes feel incredibly luxurious, feminine, and for lack of a better word…Parisian. And venturing out of my comfort zone with this new makeup look was definitely a fun experience. Allow me to share some of the product of our girly day of shooting with lots of fur, hair, lipstick and champagne flying about!

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